My Reflection On Parliament House

On Friday the 26th of August all the seniors went to Parliament House in the city. We went there by train and got off at Parliament station. Our teachers organised a amazing race around the city. There were stops we had to make to win the race. We had to take five stops, and have a photo of your group or get info that you would only find if you went to that particular stop. It was lots of fun.

When we were in Parliament house we played a role play game. We would role play what happens in real life. It was very funny. After Parliament we went to the state library which was very cool. This was where we saw Ned Kelly’s real armour.

We went around the library and we saw lots of cool things. We saw some Olympic medals that were given out to the athletes who won in the Melbourne Olympic games. We saw some unbelievably large books. We also saw some very small books called the Midget Library.

After that the seniors meet at the front of Parliament House. We than went back to the station and headed off back to school. Out of the day I got 24 thousand steps on my Fitbit which was very good. It was a great day. I wonder what new laws will be passed at Parliament House this year.

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