Camp Reflection

The best part was probably playing the activities like the giant swing and Aeroball

The funniest thing was probably seeing everyone fall in the mud and watch people jump in the lake while canoeing

The hardest part was walking up these massive hills and getting to the showers first

Something I learnt is how to put on all this gear so I could do activities like the giant swing and the flying fox

Someone I got to know better was Peter and Riley because I thought I knew them a lot but I realized I didn’t

Something that surprised me was how happy everyone was because people said that they didn’t like camps at all

Most memorable part was getting to know lots of people and going on all the activities.

Elephant Seals In The Macquarie Islands


The information I will be talking about is their diet, their population, their threats, their habitat and their weight.



Elephant seals migrate to Antarctica after they have breed or moulted. Then they feed on squid and fish at the edge of Sea ice.



Their used to be barely any seals at all but now when lots of the sealers have gone they have been able to get their numbers back.



The Elephant seal has no land predators except the white shark and the killer whale is one of their big threats.



Usually Elephant seals live in the sea, mainly on ice but they go on land to breed and have a rest from swimming.



The weight of an average Elephant seal is 4,000 Kilograms for a male and the weight for a female is 600 Kilograms.


Term 3 Reflection

This term we have been doing inquiry about Australian history about Democracy. I learnt how laws are made and lots of famous people who made lots of the bills fair. When a law is trying to get into the law book they call it an bill because it is not a law yet.


The bill has to get through the House of Reps and then the Senate and back to the house of Reps. I learnt this all at the excursion we went to at Parliament house.


The local parliament of Blackburn is Whitehorse and they organise your bins, fix your roads and clean the neighbourhood.


The State parliament is the parliament house in the city of Melbourne.


The federal state makes the laws and that is where a lot of ministers and the prime minister’s work.


I got a lot of this info from excursions and lots of the BTN videos which were very cool.

My Reflection On Parliament House

On Friday the 26th of August all the seniors went to Parliament House in the city. We went there by train and got off at Parliament station. Our teachers organised a amazing race around the city. There were stops we had to make to win the race. We had to take five stops, and have a photo of your group or get info that you would only find if you went to that particular stop. It was lots of fun.

When we were in Parliament house we played a role play game. We would role play what happens in real life. It was very funny. After Parliament we went to the state library which was very cool. This was where we saw Ned Kelly’s real armour.

We went around the library and we saw lots of cool things. We saw some Olympic medals that were given out to the athletes who won in the Melbourne Olympic games. We saw some unbelievably large books. We also saw some very small books called the Midget Library.

After that the seniors meet at the front of Parliament House. We than went back to the station and headed off back to school. Out of the day I got 24 thousand steps on my Fitbit which was very good. It was a great day. I wonder what new laws will be passed at Parliament House this year.

My Sports Article

By Ryan

The Cool Man Ryan News

Date 17/8/16

The latest Aussie Basketball match


The massive battle

You could see in the players faces that they were ready to play and play hard. It was the men’s basketball game and Australia was playing Serbia. We had three NBA players and they had one.

It was a fearsome battle with a nail biting finish. Serbia had a good defensive team, but it wasn’t good enough for our offense team. They kept on letting us in and they couldn’t defend Andrew Bogut with his layups.

But Serbia held on and gave it their all. They decided to start shooting outside shots and it did work, but then Australia  did some mighty dunks to seal the deal. The final scores were Australia with 95 and Serbia with 80.

2016 Australian election

Screenshot 2016-08-11 at 1.04.01 PM

At school we have been doing graphs and this is my graph. I did mine about the 2016 Australian election.

You can see that labor has the most votes and greens has the least.

I hope you like my graph and I wonder what the election votes would be in the next election


What Makes a Great Family

To me a family needs to have
Caring Brothers and sisters, loving parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who go out of there way to protect and help you.
I know my family loves me because they care for me and always help me when I’m sad. Family’s are the best things you could ever have. I’m glad I have one.

My Fun Great Time On My Holidays

These two weeks felt like five days for me especially because everything was going so fast.

Along the holidays my family was helping my Nana and Por move houses . It was a big move  from Box Hill to Rye. It was way easier because all of my family was there to help. It was good to catch up with my cousins.

Easter, don’t get me started,it was awesome. We went to our cousins holiday house. Parker,Campell, Ben and I went to play some basketball and Soccer.The bad part was the ball went over the fence.

On the last week I went to Angelo’s house. We played on the trampoline and played on the PS3. We played Minecraft and Marvel vs Capcom. I thought my friends brother was good till I beat him

My holidays were really fun

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