My Reflection

 My favorite part  Of the first Term was making new friends and having new people to pair up with. My other favorite part was maths because Ms scott(Are Teacher) is very good at it. I learnt  That Manasoe and mandaue means be quiet in italian.

Australian Animal Presentation

I did the Eastern Bearded dragon and my peers did the Fat tailed dunnart, bare nosed wombat, Ghost bat and Bandicoots. I learn’t a lot of things like the scientific name for the ghost bat is Macroderma gigas and the bandicoots are really endangered

If you see where Bearded dragons live that is where there’s lots of cities are so it is hard for them to live.

The most interesting thing I learnt about The Eastern Bearded dragon was that it gets its water from his prey.

Jawbone sanctuary Excursion

On friday the 13! was our excursion to the Jawbone Sanctuary. We went from Blackburn St to Flinders Street St and then onto Willamstown St. I thought it was really fun how we got to go on the beach and the rocks till I scraped my knee on the rock. the day was really exciting and fun, I loved it.

My Climate Change Rap

My rap is teaching you about Climate change

There are 17 global goals       And the one I am looking at         is climate change       it is making our world hotter

letting sun beams into the earth       melting the ice caps in Antartica       making the sea level              rise

there are more issues          on this problem        and they are still    affecting       us

My favorite Biome

My favourite biome would be The Great barrier reef, because of all its bright colours and marine life which would definitely catch your eye. My other favourite is the jungle because of all the animals. A lot of those animals have had to adapt to human ways from us destroying lots of there homes.imagesimages (1)

My Fun Holidays

For my holidays I went to Lake Mulwala NSW.

The first day all we did was unpack and have a look around where we were staying. The second day was basically swimming in the pool and playing tennis aswell as mini golf.   Another good thing was we had Foxtel not like at home were we have normal TV. The rest of the days were really fun because we went to a lot of places like the Chocolate Factory and we made a huge chocolate freckle, we also went to The Yarrowonga lollie shop. For dinner we went out to a  restaurant called The Naked tree. My favourite part of my holiday was going to all the the shops and fishing.

I love holidays.

Jim Martian

100 years ago at Gallipoli Jim Martian was one of our hero’s. His was probably one of the youngest soldiers Of the whole war. He was 14 when he enlisted and pretended he was 18. His ship sunk so a rescue ship went and saved Jim and took him to Gallipoli. While he was there he became sick and was sent to a hospital ship but sadly died and was buried at sea.

This post inspired by 1 minute of silenceyoung-anzac

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